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Living Healthy with New Image

Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum - Number One Seller World Wide
Staying Young Building & Maintaining a Strong Immune System 

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Make Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum your daily Life Support

Staying Healthy with a strong Immune System

Here's how to prepare your morning drink for all the family.

Why is New Image lifeline colostrum

Beneficial for my health

Key Features:
· Healthy ageing
· Immunity for everyday wellness
· Balanced mood
· Healthy teeth and bones
· Healthy tissues and muscles
· Supports your body’s healing and repair process


Active Ingredients per dose:
2,000mg Bovine Colostrum providing:
300mg immunoglobulins
1,000mg calcium
1 billion CFU probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium)
Contains key vitamins and minerals.

1 ½ scoops (16g)
Mix with 150ml of either water or milk – shake well in a Turbo Shaker to combine.

Take 30 minutes before eating.
Not suitable for children under the age of 5.


A recent study was done regarding health benefits of Polypeptides by Nairobi University {Africa] in a six week trial that saw nearly all participants regain remission from AIDS - their CD4 levels returned to normal. Theoretically cured!

Besides this, colostrum and polypeptides whilst helping fight the baddies also helps your stem cell population to actually get active in the bloodstream again and start repairing cells. 

Whilst colostrum supplementation can be thought of as a general health supplement, there have been substantial benefits with sufferers of MS and other auto-immune disease sufferers! You can look forward to looking and feeling younger, and keeping your brain sharp - it helps with blood pressure/circulatory problems.

 Happy Cows making Happy Colostrum 



Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum cleanses, heals & modulates your immune system. Over 5000 studies have been made on colostrum and its various natural benefits to human-kind. New Image's Alpha Lipid Lifeline has a patented Proline rich Polypeptide formula.